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Quiet your Mind and your Life  
Learn how to live in the Now 
I am giving Workshops for 4 or more people in the Dartford area showing you various techniques for relaxing the Mind and Body so you can deal with stress, worry, anxiety, nerves, depression, pain, insomnia as well as many more negative emotions

Being Mindful throughout the day is about breaking the habit of a mechanical life which most of us live in - we are all scurrying around like ants, going about our business and hardly ever living in the moment, we live in our thoughts in our heads, reliving the past or fearing the future.

Learn how to be Mindful in any situation, understand how our body and mind works under stress with Cognitive Behaviour methods, techniques to take away and use any time using NLP methods, how to use EFT on stuck emotional and physical issues, practise progressive relaxation with imagery in each session and much more.

Relaxation for the Mind as well as the Body and Soul. 

Learn to be kind to yourself - learn how to let go of thoughts and give your mind a break, understand how our mind works and how we can just be.... instead of always doing and striving for more and more and never finding what were looking for in anything, which is ultimately happiness.......

When practised daily can help with most of life's negative issues. 

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