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About Us

Cognitive Behaviour Techniques - understanding how our bodies are reacting to our thoughts (fight/flight response) and how to recognise patterns using different techniques CBT based.

Mindfulness- explanation of how to be in the moment with anything that your doing, examples of using mindfulness for everyday living - practising a body scan and using all our senses. 

Emotional Freedom Technique what it is and how to use it for both physical and emotional pain in our bodies - based on our meridian lines and acupuncture but without the needles, instead, tapping around the head and upper body to release any trapped emotions.

The Law of Attraction-  how we attract what we think about and how to use it to our advantage - experiments that prove this. How our thoughts might be attracting illnesses to us without us realising it.

Progressive Relaxation with Imagery - complete relaxation of the mind and body using imagery, going to your perfect peaceful place and using an NLP technique to take it with you whenever you want it again and again. 

Meditation- basic meditations showing you different methods you can try out to suit you, for example chakra colours or sounds.

Neuro Linguistic Programming- different visual techniques to use for self calming and instant de stressing.

Life Coaching - many different life coaching methods with tips you can use for working towards a calm and peaceful outlook on life.

A relaxing and informative day where you will learn and practise many different techniques to use again and again to live a stress-free life.


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